Nintendo Switch: a new major update available. What’s new ?

Nintendo has just rolled out the new major update for the Nintendo Switch. Rescue patch or simple routine update? Here are all the details.

After the PS5, it’s the Nintendo Switch’s turn to update. A few months after the deployment of firmware 14.0.0, it’s time for version 15.0.0. What’s new on the horizon? Not much, but some minor new features are on the program.

Nintendo Switch 15.0.0 update available

Last March, Nintendo finally allowed players to create folders to store all of their games and applications. A feature that had been requested by fans, and which had finally arrived through patch 14.0.0. Fans were therefore expecting some crisp new features for version 15.0.0 of the Nintendo Switch, but nothing will be. Nothing revolutionary on the horizon, but some welcome new features nonetheless:

  • The Bluetooth audio menu has been moved to the console settings.
  • Added the ability to take screenshots within the Nintendo Switch Online app in the HOME menu using the console’s capture button. Video capture is not supported.
  • General console stability improvements for a better user experience.

This new major update for the Nintendo Switch is therefore clearly not going to upset the daily lives of players. That said, the Bluetooth audio management required some adjustments and some players had requested the ability to take screenshots from the Nintendo Switch Online application. If the 15.0.0 update is still not installed in your home, go to Settings, then to the “Console” submenu and select “Console update”.

Nintendo Switch how to update?

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