Nintendo Switch: a long-awaited game leaked before the release

Nintendo Switch: a long-awaited game leaked before the release

Just days away from its release, Big N sees one of its highly anticipated Nintendo Switch games circulating in the wild with a legal…or illegal version.

It’s a small event that the Japanese manufacturer would have done well without. One of the Nintendo Switch games of the year is already available.

Splatoon 3one of the big Nintendo Switch releases, leaked

Splatoon 3 is the flagship Nintendo Switch game of this back to school, but also one of the console’s big cartridges for the end of 2022. Officially expected this Friday, September 9, this new episode has however been in the wild for several days.

Some lucky people have seen their copy shipped in advance, but obviously this is not the only way to preview the game. A pirated version would be available on PC in emulation. In addition to the illegal side, our colleagues from Kotaku seem to have come across several sites that, instead of providing this copy, just install malware.

In recent days, Nintendo has already pinned the cheaters of the title. Those who had installed a patch to enter the test area early received a ban from the console. Lifetime bans from Nintendo Switch Online would even be offered to cheaters.

Beware of spoilers!

Even though Splatoon 3 is absolutely not coveted for its scenario, beware of spoilers. Although the videos broadcast on the Web jump one after the other, some continue to relay the information.

Story elements, cutscenes, bosses – including the name of the final villain – and twists have been revealed. Once again, Splatoon 3 is not expected by the community for this, but if you want to preserve yourself, be careful.

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