Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive: Team Ninja will make people happy!

Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive: Team Ninja will make people happy!

Team Ninja (Nioh) has a whole bunch of projects on the board, but the studio is already thinking about the future. Fans should be happy.

Currently working on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and the PS5 exclusive Rise of the Ronin, Team Ninja has teased its two big main licenses, the ones that allowed it to make a name for itself. We are of course talking about Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive.

Ninja Gaiden left its mark on a whole generation of beat ’em all fans in the early 2000s with several challenging games. While dead or alive quickly established itself as a particularly solid fighting game series.

Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive back soon?

Two major Team Ninja licenses, therefore, which could well make a comeback in the years to come if we are to believe the statements of the studio.

At a conference held in South Korea on the occasion of the G-Star 2022 (local event), Team Ninja has indeed claimed that a reboot of its flagship licenses was on the table of ideas and should represent the future of the company. However, the studio moderates by declaring that the priority remains given to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Rise of the Ronin. The first is already dated March 3, 2023, while the second should not arrive on PS5 before 2024.

If Team Ninja has always had a name in the industry, it is certain that its exhibition literally exploded in the eyes of all following nioh. By surfing the wave of soulslike, a trend launched by FromSoftware, the studio has exploited its love of high standards to release two very solid Niohs. Team Ninja has thus been able to stand out and be talked about.

A reboot of Ninja Gaidin and dead or alive would not be a bad thing as the studio has matured over time. Moreover, the last episodes of each series did not mark the spirits as much as that. A comeback would therefore not be too much, especially since the licenses still have it under their belt.

But for now, it’s mostly soulslike Wo Long: Dynasty which is in the crosshairs with a release set for early next year.

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