NieR Automata breaks through on Tinder thanks to a fan and her crazy story

Tinder and video games, two incompatible domains? Not for this NieR Automata-loving gamer who made it a point during her dating sessions on Tinder. The creator of the game Yoko Taro even reacted to this unusual anecdote.

NieR Automata is one of those rare games that can brand players like no other title. But in the case of this young woman of 21, Jen, we are on another level…

She screams her love for NieR Automata on Tinder

The story ofEnja, as she calls herself on Twitter, has gone viral and we can see why. This fan, who worships NieR Automata to the point of having erected a small altar (visible below) with its goodies, used the game on Tinder. Not to find a one-night companion, but to promote the title and encourage as many people as possible to play it. And once advertised, she was ghosting – in other words she was ignoring – her Matches.

The worst ? It’s that these people paid for Yoko Taro’s work… in the hope of impressing Jen and going further. If she has not provided proof to Kotakuwhich is the relay of this story, which she managed to convince dozens of men, she sent conversations where the flirts discuss the ends and other essential points of the scenario. “It was really crazy the number of men who bought it” she said, even as she promised nothing more than an exchange around NieR Automata. And it was not the requests that were visibly lacking, with flirtations who would have seen it with the costume of 2B.

I used to wander around Tinder and get guys to buy Nier Automata, only to ghost them. When I quit, I think I had convinced 22 people. I never said I would sleep with them, I just talked about them a lot and recommended the game. And then high sales mean more games from Yoko Taro.

NieR Automata breaks through on Tinder thanks to a fan and her crazy story
Jen’s NieR Automata Altar

A few regrets…

On her Tinder biography, Jen is transparent: NieR Automata is her favorite game and she wanted someone to share this overflowing passion with. A fervor that has a less funny reason than this story. Indeed, she discovered the title at a time in her life when she was “severely depressed, to the point of having suicidal thoughts, because of an abusive family that was harassing her”. Suddenly, when they saw that some were not as thorough as them, they ignored them, not being able to have what she had come to seek. A conversation about NieR Automata and not a carnal relationship.

A situation that she deeply regrets:

I think the rudeness made me a little more apathetic over time. Of course, I know that was really lame on my part too, but I think Yoko Taro’s games deserve more recognition. I quit because I realized how nonchalant I had become over something so twisted. Even though some of them were actually disgusting, others maybe just didn’t like the game or weren’t very into analysis and theories, and I probably hurt their feelings.

She now talks about NieR Automata on Discord

And today ? A happy ending at all levels. First, there was this reaction from the creator of Yoko Taro to this story published by Kotaku. The person concerned contented himself with a “Glory to Mankind”, “Glory to Humanity”, which speaks to fans of the software. But that was enough to fill her with joy. “I cry at work. Being noticed by the legend itself made me ecstatic. Thanks a lot <3 ".

She has also joined a Discord server where she can freely pour out NieR Automata, without the people in question wanting to sleep with her. All’s well that ends well, except for those who spent a few euros, but hey, it was for a good cause!

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