NieR Automata: a new DLC even more annoying than the previous one

NieR Automata: a new DLC even more annoying than the previous one

This isn’t Rainbow Six Siege’s first time in collaboration, as it’s already been the case with Rick & Morty or even Splinter Cell for example. And more generally, the practice is common, as evidenced by the CODBall mode of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to surf on the popularity of famous footballers during the world. But sometimes these crossovers are… shall we say… a little awkward, although some fans are sure to be thrilled.

NieR Automata X Rainbow Six Siege is special

This is again the case here with Rainbow Six Siege which pulls us a new NieR skin out of its sleeve. After a skin on Maverick a bit surprising, it’s Iana’s turn to have the right to her exclusive outfit in the colors of 2B, one of the key protagonists of NieR Automata. The catch is that once again the skin looks more like a JapanExpo cosplay than a real highlighting of the two characters. In any case, this collaboration makes you laugh and you just have to take a look at the comments under the tweet of the announcement to realize it.

This new pack Elite for Iana will therefore include a legendary 2B skin, weapon camos and a few other cosmetic items.

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