NieR announces a new ultra awkward DLC on video

NieR announces a new ultra awkward DLC on video

The NieR franchise is coming back, yes, but not in the way one might have imagined. The series instead offers a rather embarrassing DLC. Not sure the fans are flocking to it.

NieR, Yoko Taro’s unique franchise, is back to play tricks on you…

A NieR DLC in a Ubisoft game

While waiting for a new game to succeed NieR Automata’s masterpiece, Yoko Taro’s franchise is increasing collaborations with productions that have nothing to do with it. For example, we saw 2B and some of the characters in the universe in PUBG or even Fall Guys. And the next partnership will not go unnoticed.

Maverick, hero of NieR Replicant, will have his skin in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege from November 21 and he will be accompanied by Grimoire Weiss. And it may be funny to the fans.

Grimoire Weiss and the protagonist of Replicant are coming to Rainbow Six Siege with the Maverick Replicant Pack. But that’s not all. Other surprises around the license will be presented during the Game of the Year 7 season 4 reveal panel.

What are his surprises for season 4 of R6? A 2B operator? Something more exotic? Wait & See. Information is also expected to be released on November 21. This is when Rainbow Six Siege Season 4 Operation Solar will be detailed.

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