NFS Unbound features one of the worst collectors ever

Need For Speed ​​Unbound, renamed NFS Unbound for the occasion, debuted with a new visual style that seems to please. Quite the opposite of its collector who will rather attract ridicule.

NFS Unbound is finally a reality! If the game surprises with its graphic style, we were breathless at the sight of its collector’s edition. But not for the right reasons…

NFS Unbound, a collector’s item in bad taste… and without a game

NFS Unbound was announced by EA with gameplay and lots of info on this important return for the series which aims to reinvent itself. For this, the developers of Criterion and Codemasters Cheshire – studio which was merged with Criterion – chose a mixture between a realistic and cartoonish artistic direction. It’s surprising but seeing the different extracts, it seems rather successful and well dosed.

On the other hand, it seems that there was absolutely no control over the collector’s edition of the game. The centerpiece being none other than a balaclava, a balaclava. One wonders what could have motivated this choice. The rest of the goodies also challenge with 5 stickers, sticker books to write on, three decorated paint pens and finally, a steelbook… without any copy of the game inside. No miniature of a car for example, no consistency and the set does not seem to be worth the €28.81 requested on Amazon.

NFS Unbound Collector's Edition
A balaclava, but for what purpose?

And you, do you also find that we are facing one of the worst collectors ever seen? What goodies would you have preferred instead? Tell us everything comments.

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