New World: Amazon tries a radical solution

New World: Amazon tries a radical solution

Despite a somewhat chaotic launch for New World, Amazon’s MMORPG has a lot of positives, including its variety within its activities, comprehensive and deep crafting, and overall a nice art direction. However, the game seems difficult to convince or at least it seems to have too many servers, thus scattering the community. Amazon therefore finds itself obliged to announce a merger of servers for the sustainability of its future.

A big merger for New World

While in October 2022, Amazon was delighted to announce the opening of “fresh start” servers for New World, it seems that this sudden multiplication is problematic in the long term. Because who says more servers, also says a community split into several parts. For this reason next January 10 (2023) from 6:00 p.m. you will have the right to:

  • Niflheim and Caer Sidi will be merged into Asgard
  • Tir Na Nog and Dry Tree will be merged into Abaton
  • Apophis will be merged into Artemis
  • Galahad will be merged into Cleopatra
  • Gawain and Jupiter will be merged into Kronos
  • Fate and Morgaine will be merged into Crassus
  • Gilgamesh and Imhotep will be merged into Nyx

This list concerns Europe, if however it does not concern you, you can find the complete list this way. That should bring a little extra dynamism. All this occurs in particular within the framework of an inter-server PVP system for the MMORPG. Basically, an update planned for the summer of 2023 should allow players from different servers to be able to compete cheerfully. Under these conditions, it becomes obvious to group and distribute the players as well as possible to have identical or very similar populations.

Available since September 28, 2021, New World should, we hope for him, continue to live his life quietly for many more years.

Qhat do you think of this server merger?

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