Neuralink: Musk wants to launch brain implant tests soon

Neuralink: Musk wants to launch brain implant tests soon

Publicity stunt or reality? In any case, Elon Musk assured at a conference that his company Neuralink would be ready to test its technology on a human brain in about 6 months. What is the purpose of all this? And what kind of technology are we talking about?

If SpaceX aims to explore space and go to Mars (among other things), the objective of Neuralink is to connect the human brain to a computer using an implant which is placed under the skin of the skull (it makes you want). A robotic system will even be used to implant the device. Musk explains:

It’s like replacing a piece of your skull with a smartwatch, for lack of a better analogy

Ultimately the objective of such an implant is quite laudable since it would come to people with health concerns. Like improving or restoring vision in people with low vision or helping paralyzed people to be able to walk or move again. But part of the project still remains very tech-friendly without really great interest for health:

We’re all already cyborgs in some way, in that your phone and computer are extensions of yourself. However, these devices severely limit our ability to communicate. If you’re interacting with a phone, that’s limited by how fast you can move your thumbs or how fast you can talk into your phone.

Quite proud of the progress in this area, Musk specifies that according to him, within 6 months, Neuralink can be implanted on a human.

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