Netflix: you can now disconnect your relou friend

We can therefore learn that Netflix has just deployed a feature to dislodge password “squatters”. The objective behind is obviously mercantile since it should logically force some of them to take out a subscription, at least on paper…

Netflix hunts down ‘pirates’


The more time passes, the more Netflix is ​​reviewing its account sharing policy, which was nevertheless the whole point of the platform a few years back. In this context, each streaming service subscriber has a new feature to better control access to their account. In the menu of your profile, the whole allows to visualize via an interface tall devices connected to the same account. Thus, if you notice a strange connection, without authorization, you can disconnect the remote person with a single click. If it was already possible to disconnect all the devices at the same time, this new feature allows you to do things with more precision.

Obviously this option was requested by subscribers for better account security. Netflix is ​​therefore a winner all down the line because the “haters” can then either leave the platform definitively or on the contrary take out a personal subscription and bring in more money into the coffers of the red company.

The procedure to follow is simple:

  • Sign into your account
  • Go to account settings
  • Then go to “Manage access and devices”

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