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DashFUN tells you which movies are coming to Netflix in August. Mark your calendars!


August 11: The Kissing Booth 3

The final installment of the young adult trilogy The Kissing Booth concludes a complicated romantic story. In this final, summer chapter, Elle (Joey King) will soon be making her college debut but will have to make a heartbreaking decision.

Join his lover Noah (Jacob Elordi) across the country or go study with his best friend Lee (Joel Courtney)? Who will she favor and what heart will she break?

August 20: Sweet Girl

Jason Momoa competes with Liam Neeson to beat the hell up in Sweet Girl, a high-powered action movie. The interpreter of Aquaman camps here a man devastated by sorrow who promises to punish the perpetrators of the death of his wife.

But in his quest for revenge, he will also have to do everything to protect the only family he has left, his daughter. Jason Momoa is surrounded by Isabella Merced, Marisa Tomei and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo in the cast.


August 6: Vivo

Developed by Sony Animation Studios, the animated musical Vivo with Lin-Manuel Miranda, who composed and performed the songs, follows the adventures of a kinkajou and his beloved owner Andrés. Marta Sandoval’s concert in Miami is an opportunity for Andrès to reconnect with this distant love.

To help her master, Vivo takes it into her head to bring the singer a fiery letter that Andres was never able to send her. But to get to Miami, Vivo will have to accept help from Gabi, an energetic teenager.

August 23: The Witcher: Le Cauchemar du Loup

Before discovering season 2 of The Witcher, Netflix puts online the animated spin-off Le Cauchemar du Loup. Produced by the Mir studio, this film is a prequel to the series since it centers on Vesemir, Geralt’s mentor.

The Wolf’s Nightmare will explore the early years as the Witcher of Vesemir, who is a true father figure to Geralt of Rivia, and the origins of Kaer Morhen, the Witers’ Sanctuary.



August 1: Yves Saint Laurent

August 4: ’76

August 13: Beckett

August 15: Ocean’s 8

August 18: Diary of a New York Adventure

August 18: So beautiful

August 20: Welcome to the Louds: the movie

August 27: He’s too good

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