Netflix wants to play in the big leagues on PC

Netflix wants to play in the big leagues on PC

The more time passes, the more Netflix wants to get into video games and the giant has just taken a new step in this regard.

First giant of the series then also of the film, netflix has also been interested in video games for several years. It is in this context that spotted a list of job searches that give very good clues about a future project of the famous red platform.

A big PC game on the way at Netflix

Netflix is ​​looking for a Game Director, Technical Director, Art Director, Direct Live-Service Game Analyst, and an experienced Chief Engineer. The project is described by theannouncement as being “brand new triple-A PC game“developed under Unreal Engine. But that’s not all since it is specifically described as being a third-person action RPG. The ideal candidate is described as having “At least 10 years of game design experience, including experience as a creative director, game director, or comparable design leadership role“.

We obviously don’t know anything else but we can bet without getting too wet on the adaptation of a license from the Netflix platform. Inevitably we think directly of Stranger Things given the obvious proximity to the world of video games if only for inspiration and the many winks. We also don’t know what will happen to the business model of this future Made in Netflix game, but the responsibilities of the role of game analyst service include the analysis of free games and games services (as its name indicates). Difficult to imagine in these conditions a video game that does not respect one of these two points.

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