Netflix wants to attract Christopher Nolan in its nets


Ever since Christopher Nolan rebelled against the Warner, everyone has been waiting to see where he is going to make his next feature film. Netflix wants to take advantage of the situation and tries to lure the director into its nets.

The divorce between Christopher Nolan and the Warner

The relationship between Christopher Nolan and Warner strained considerably last year in the midst of the pandemic. The studio first supported the director by accompanying him in his ambition to save cinemas with Tenet, while the sanitary situation was not optimal, causing a score of just $ 336 million at the global box office. Some time later, the Briton was at the head of the procession of a protest movement to denounce a heavy choice made by Warner. Instead of waiting for theaters to be able to properly host the films, the studio decided to stick to its schedule and try to minimize the damage. by releasing all films on HBO Max (including blockbusters), for a month, in parallel with the theatrical release.

A widely commented strategy, which attests to the growing importance of the small screen. For a director like Christopher Nolan, a staunch defender of the indoor experience, this decision is a knife stuck in the back. We have heard him criticize the subject and it is now hard to believe that he will continue to work with Warner on his next film.

Christopher Nolan © Warner Bros.

Netflix believes in collaboration

The whole Hollywood industry must dream of attracting Christopher Nolan in its nets, although it is not known who will be his next baby. A dream that Scott Stuber, the boss of the department wants to believe original movies at Netflix. In a very long and fascinating article published by Variety, he clearly expresses his desire to work with the director and reveals that discussions have already taken place.

He’s an incredible filmmaker. I’ll do whatever I can. In this business, I learned that you have to have zero egos. If I am hit and knocked down, I get up.

The current situation means that there is, in fact, a small chance to believe. Even if we know that Christopher Nolan risks refusing the offer as he likes the room. Netflix can offer it a lot of freedom and a comfortable budget, but the platform model prevents a large-scale release in theaters. There are a few theaters in the United States that host films simply to comply with Oscar regulations and thus compete. This point is likely to be the major obstacle to prevent this collaboration.

An impossible dream?

It is hard to see the director denying his love for the big screen, despite all the tantalizing arguments that Netflix can put forward. Especially since the studios will certainly not be reluctant to give him large budgets to fulfill his visions – unless he gets lost in a form of Martin Scorsese megalomania ($ 200 million claimed for do Killers of the Flower Moon).

There are huge doubts that the platform will one day host an exclusive title by Christopher Nolan. But it is allowed to believe it since the firm has already been able to convince big names such as Martin Scorsese, Zack Snyder, David Fincher, Alfonso Cuarón, Bong Joon-ho and that Steven Spielberg, via Amblin, has just signed a deal. In this rapidly changing industry (Scott Stuber speaks “of a revolution“which is in progress), never say never. The interview did not fail to provoke reactions on social networks, like this rather funny tweet below:

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