Netflix unveils new list of the 10 most popular movies


At the head of the SVOD market with more than 200 million subscribers, the Netflix platform has been able to build up a solid base of loyalists thanks to exclusive titles that have hit the mark. Check out the 10 most popular original films in the catalog.

What are Netflix’s biggest hits?

Rare are the weeks when Netflix does not deliver a title that makes noise on social networks. You don’t even need to know the audiences, a Twitter tour makes sure you know which movies and series are working. In an ultra-competitive market, the firm with the red logo has established itself as a leader. She goes to great lengths to constantly produce or acquire new items that will enrich her catalog. Most impressive is this ability to create buzz with titles that no one saw coming.

In 2020, Netflix released a list of its 10 most popular movies. A ranking in which we found hits like Tyler rake, 6 Underground or Spenser Confidential. Since then, other films have worked and a new list has just been published.

Tyler rake © Netflix

In pole position, we continue to find the actioner Tyler rake with this crazy score of 99 million views. Status quo for second and third place, respectively held by Bird Box (89 million views) and Spenser Confidential (85 million views). It is always about action in fourth place, with 6 Underground. The film directed by Michael Bay remains anchored in the same position, with 83 million views. Same observation for Murder Mystery, which does not budge from its fifth position with also 83 million views.

A second part of the classification upset

On the other hand, when we tackle the second part of the list, everything has changed! Exit The irishman, Triple Frontier, The Wrong Missy, The Platform and The Perfect Date. They get stung instead, in order, by The Old Guard (78 million), Enola Holmes (76 million), Project Power (75 million), Midnight in the universe and Army of the Dead (72 million each). The most notable performance is that of the zombie movie directed by Zack Snyder. Two weeks after its posting, it is already making a place in the top 10.

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