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If Netflix adds new content very regularly, the platform also removes some to free up space. And at the end of October, it is the cult Twilight saga that will pay the price!

On Netflix, catalog additions are legion. And for good reason, before creating original series and films, Netflix first made its reputation by offering a number of films and series online. These catalog additions are done under license, which therefore implies limited time-limited exploitation rights.

For several months, the Twilight films – adapted from the novels of Stephenie Meyer – have been available to fans. But not for long ! All five films in the Twilight Saga will be leaving the streaming platform on October 31, as can be seen in this screenshot:

Netflix screenshot

You therefore have a little less than three weeks to see or review the great love story between Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, and Edward Cullen, the century-old vampire played by Robert Pattinson.

It is not excluded, however, that Bella and Edward will make a comeback on Netflix in a few months. The most popular films in the catalog often play musical chairs!

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