Netflix: the film BioShock is talking about him again with two good news

Netflix: the film BioShock is talking about him again with two good news

The announcements are linked on the side of Netflix. The video streaming giant has got its hands on many cult gaming licenses and intends to exploit them. In addition to having confirmed that a Horizon Zero Dawn series was in the works, the platform gives news of the Bioshock film.

A renowned director and screenwriter for the film Bioshcok

Netflix’s Bioshock is making waves again. The live action feature film adapted from the cult game from 2K Games has finally found its director. It will therefore be Francis Lawrence who will be in charge. The 51-year-old man notably stood out with I’m a legend, Constantine or even several films of the saga The Hunger Games. To bring Rapture and its rich universe to life, he will be supported by screenwriter Michael Green, known for his work on Logan, blade runner 2049 and the series heroes.

The adaptation will therefore be in very good hands, it now remains to be seen who will join the cast of the Bioshock film. The franchise with some 39 million copies is not the only one in Netflix’s sights. The streaming giant is betting big on video game adaptations and several projects are underway. We think in particular of the Dragon Age animation series, League of Legends with Arcane, Tekken, Sonic Prime, Castlevania, Cyberpunk 2077Assassin’s Creed, Beyond Good & Evil… the list goes on.

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