Netflix: the day Jean-Claude Van Damme predicted the success of the platform


Jean-Claude Van Damme stars in the comedy “The Last Mercenary”, available on Netflix. A platform whose success he predicted 20 years ago on Thierry Ardisson’s set.

Is Jean-Claude Van Damme a diviner? While we can now discover him on Netflix in the credits of the comedy The Last Mercenary, where he gives the reply to Alban Ivanov, it is funny to come back to the comments made 20 years ago by the bodybuilder star. JCVD in fact already announced somewhat, in nicely premonitory fashion, the platform system and their success.

With his inimitable style, Van Damme imagined, on the set of Everybody talks about it, the program by Thierry Ardisson, a whole new way of broadcasting films: on the internet, for millions of spectators, of quality and at affordable prices, without the slightest wait and on the phone. Troubling, a few years before the arrival of streaming and the giant Netflix …

“I’m going to try to get into the media world on the net. We are going to advertise a film on the net, from each country, then we will go on the web, and then we will do with the antennas”, explained JCVD ​​in front of a table not seeming frankly to take it seriously. “We will be able to reach 250 million viewers. That’s a good thing for a quality film with $ 1.99. Like that, all the people around the world, people who have no money, they press a button, they don’t have to wait 40 hours for the download … “

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“We are going to distribute the films over the phone, it will be the first time that we will do it”, continued the Belgian actor. “I can’t wait for the satellite, it’s spending way too much money, it’s costing millions of dollars. So we found a system, thanks to the net.”

Two decades after these words that resonate surprisingly today, Jean-Claude Van Damme is, ironically, in the spotlight on Netflix. In The Last Mercenary, available since July 30, but also with the presence of a dozen films starring him including Kickboxer, Full Contact or Timecop.

When JCVD ​​predicted the success of Netflix on the set of Thierry Ardisson:

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