Netflix: Squid Game has officially become the most watched series of times on the platform – News Séries


“Squid Game” has become the most viewed series of all time on Netflix, with over 111 million viewers since its launch on September 17th.

Awaited for several days, the news has finally been made official by Netflix: Squid Game has indeed recorded the best launch of all time for a series of the platform! With more than 111 million viewers on the clock, it is well ahead of The Chronicle of the Bridgertons (82 million), Lupine (76 million) and The Witcher (67 million).

A true global phenomenon (the series has occupied the first place of the top consultations in more than 76 countries), Squid Game monitors the implementation of organized games in order to offer a second chance to participants riddled with debt; Inspired by childhood games, each event will see eliminated players being coldly executed.

While most of them rely on the development of franchises and series in the English language, Netflix remains the only platform to actively invest in the production of international content, a strategy born after the success of La Casa de Papel.

In February, the platform had also announced the investment of 500 million dollars in the production of original South Korean series and films. Let us also recall the recent signing of a lucrative contract for several films with Omar Sy, following the international triumph of his series. Lupine.

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