Netflix ready to do anything to have Christopher Nolan’s next film


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Collaborations between Netflix and the great filmmakers are going well and the platform intends to attract other directors in its nets. Last target in sight: Christopher Nolan, yet a great defender of the cinema experience.

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Alfonso Cuarón, David Fincher, Martin Scorsese, Jane Campion, Steven Spielberg,… many renowned filmmakers have succumbed to Netflix’s sirens to produce their films or collaborate on projects. And the platform intends to expand this list with another great director: Christopher Nolan.

While Christopher Nolan is a strong advocate for movie theaters and the theater experience, Netflix Original Film Producer and Director Scott Stuber told Variety that he was going to try everything to sign a deal with the British director and pay for his next film, which would be a huge blow for the platform:

“If and when [Christopher Nolan] his new movie will be releasing, it’s going to be about whether we can be a hotbed of it and what we need to do to make it happen. He’s an incredible filmmaker. I’ll do whatever I can. In this business, I learned that you have to have zero egos. I take hits, I fall but I get up. “

Scott Stuber thinks he can take advantage of Christopher Nolan’s disappointment with longtime partner Warner Bros., who made a splash when he announced simultaneous cinema and HBO Max releases for the year 2021 due to the health crisis.

The British director blasted Warner Bros. at the time in an interview with Hollywood Reporter : “Some of the biggest filmmakers and stars in our industry fell asleep the night before thinking they worked for the biggest movie studio and woke up the next day to find they worked for the worst streaming service. . “

With such a declaration, it is difficult to imagine a collaboration between Netflix and Christopher Nolan but Scott Stuber does not give up hope. The producer has indeed indicated to Variety that the director was not closed to the discussion since conversations had already taken place. It is not known, at the moment, if other studios have courted Christopher Nolan and what the British director plans for the sequel.

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