Netflix offers a new way to watch your series

Netflix offers a new way to watch your series

Netflix wants to shake up the way you watch its programs a bit and offers the addition of a bot on Discord. Explanations.

It’s a bit of a surprise and it comes like a hair in the soup but the video on demand giant, Netflix, just announced a collaboration with Discord for a group viewing feature. The red platform has just launched a Discord bot called “Hey, Netflix” which can be used to find a movie/series that you can watch together with members of your Discord server.

Netflix infiltrates gamers

Once the Netflix bot is installed, all you have to do is go to a text channel in your Discord and type the command /heynetflix. The robot will then ask you if you want to start a session just for you or for several people. You will then be given the opportunity to vote for a period of 10 seconds for a program, yes that’s short.

A text channel will then be created automatically so that you can discuss the film or series without disturbing other members. Note that the command also works on mobile. On the other hand and sorry for the bad news and the emotional lift but it is indeed only a recommendation bot and the viewing will be done via Netflix. We will therefore not be able to share a film with several people with a single account. And that’s a shame.

Here is the video announcement on the official Netflix Geeked account:

It remains to be seen whether in the future everything will be more intuitive because for the moment everything is done in the language of Shakespeare, which can be a bit blocking for many French speakers.

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