Netflix is ​​preparing a film and a series on a cult Xbox license

Netflix is ​​preparing a film and a series on a cult Xbox license

Adapting a video game into a film or series is always a difficult exercise, however Netflix wants to try the experience again with a big license.

Despite the critical failure of the Resident Evil series of July 14, 2022, Netflix does not want to give up the idea of ​​adapting other nuggets of the video game in series. Indeed, the red streaming platform now has in its sights Gears of WarTHE cult license from Xbox.

A movie and a big action series on Netflix?

According to the very serious The Hollywood ReporterNetflix is ​​apparently now the holder of the rights after “long months of negotiations” with many competitors. We suspect that big fish of the Amazon or HBO type were also on the spot. For the occasion, Netflix will partner with Gears developers, The Coalition, to deliver the film and cartoons to the screen. Because yes, it is not only a series but also a film and we do not yet know what form it will have. On the other hand, we already know that the animation series will aim to be “for adults”, by which we mean with a certain violence inherent in the video game saga.

Given the very pronounced action genre, we can imagine for the Netflix film a fairly strong cast (in every sense of the word) with why not regulars of the genre such as Dwayne Johnson and Michelle Rodriguez. For the moment, no filmmaker or producer is attached to the projects. We will therefore have to be patient to find out a little more.

All this comes on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the Gears of War franchise on our consoles (November 7, 2006). Hollywood has been interested in an adaptation of this type since 2007 and at the time it was New Line who briefly obtained the rights. As you can see, nothing happened at the time.

What do you expect from this type of Netflix adaptation for such a cult video game? Do you have any expectations notparticular?

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