Netflix is ​​adapting a much-loved Capcom franchise, the pictures

Netflix is ​​adapting a much-loved Capcom franchise, the pictures

Capcom is continuing its transmedia approach with a new IP-based Netflix animated series that gamers would rather like to see again with a never-before-seen game.

An Onimusha animated series on Netflix

We would have preferred to celebrate Onimusha’s return to the video game scene, but we’ll have to do without. For now, Capcom will content itself with an animated adaptation on behalf of the giant Netflix. Despite criticism of the process, the series will be in 3D CGI. It will be piloted by Sublimation, the studio which has already taken care of transposing the universe of Dragon’s Dogma on the small screen, and the first images have been unveiled (see our gallery).

Shinya Sugai, who directed the Dragon’s Dogma series, returns to the role of director alongside Takashi Miike. Actor Toshihiro Mifune was commissioned to play Musashi Miyamoto. A character from the Onimusha Blade Warriors fighting game. A particular choice insofar as we would expect more to see Samanosuke again.

At the start of the Edo period, Musashi was no longer a young man. He sets off with the legendary Oni Gauntlet to defeat the Genma. Onimusha finds new life through modern animation techniques with 3D CGI characters and hand-drawn backgrounds for phenomenal visuals.

The Onimusha anime series will be available on Netflix at an undetermined date.

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