Netflix: beware of this scam that has claimed many victims

Netflix: beware of this scam that has claimed many victims

Definitely the scams are more and more sophisticated or at least they concern more and more services. This is how the Netflix streaming platform has just warned its subscribers of a scam that is currently taking place in France (and elsewhere?).

Netflix has an important message

So here is the announcement that can be read on the official Netflix Twitter account:

Subscribers netflix therefore receive phishing attempts in an attempt to steal information. On social networks, some have shared screenshots of the famous attempts:

A false warning to force your hand. And if you think you could never click on it, imagine your mother or father doing it instead to realize how dangerous it is. It is even enough that a child interacts with the message on the phone of his parents to start the gear.

Netflix therefore also ensures that it NEVER asks for payment via a third-party provider or site. Netflix France is in any case taking action judging by this message:

At the same time, we are actively working to combat phishing attempts and the identification of these malicious organizations.

Be careful because if some messages are obvious of dishonesty, others are much better constructed and subtle.

Have you ever been the victim of a scam attempt about your subscription? If so, tell us in the comment session of this news.

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