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Carried by the Kennedy McMann revelation and by Scott Wolf (“La Vie à cinq”), “Nancy Drew” arrives today in France on Salto. This series mixing mystery, fantasy, and romance, adapted from the eponymous novels, is it worth the detour?

What is it about ?

Bruised by the death of her mother, Nancy Drew, an aspiring 18-year-old detective, put her college plans on hold and now works as a waitress in her small hometown, Horseshoe Bay. However, while she had sworn not to solve any more crimes, the murder of a young woman, who could well be linked to an old ghost story, will propel her in spite of herself in an investigation which is beyond her and which will force her to unearth deeply buried secrets.

Nancy Drew (season 1) available on Salto from Tuesday June 1st. 18 episodes seen out of 18.

Who is it with?

Headed by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, creators of Gossip Girl and Newport Beach, as well as Melinda Hsu Taylor (Vampire Diaries) and Noga Landau (The Magicians), Nancy Drew is worn by 25-year-old actress Kennedy McMann, whose it is the first major role on the screen.

Facing her, viewers will find, among others, Alex Saxon (The Fosters, Finding Carter), Maddison Jaizani (Versailles), Katie Findlay (Murder), Riley Smith (Frequency, 90210) in the role of the husband of the deceased around who runs the police investigation, and Scott Wolf (La Vie à cinq), who plays Nancy’s father.

Colin Bentley / The CW

Well worth a look ?

Like many teen or young adult series that have arrived on the small screen in recent years, from The 100 to Vampire Diaries, including Pretty Little Liars, Nancy Drew is the adaptation of a successful literary saga from which the first volumes came out. in the United States in the 1930s.

Known under the name of Alice Roy in French bookstores, where she made the heyday of the Green Library of Hachette until 2011, then of the Pink Library, this budding detective has experienced several incarnations on the screen. over the decades. But with this series broadcast since 2019 on The CW and finally available in France on Salto, Nancy Drew is entitled to a nice modernization tailored to appeal to fans of Riverdale and the previously mentioned teen dramas.

Mixing a bunch of investigators in search of truth and thrills having nothing to envy the heroes of Scooby Doo, retro aesthetic to the Riverdale, gloomy atmosphere, fantastic elements, and revelations in spades, Nancy Drew skillfully handles her obvious references and manages to weave a true feuilleting mystery that keeps us in suspense from the beginning to the end of this first season consisting of 18 episodes of 42 minutes.

Who killed Tiffany Hudson? What are Nancy’s friends hiding, who all seem directly or indirectly linked to this affair? And what does the ghost of Lucy Sable, this high school prom queen, who died almost twenty years ago and whose presence is felt by the heroine from the first episode, really want? So many questions that will end up being answered in this series which has the good idea, unlike Riverdale, to assume his desires for the fantastic and to infuse, within his police investigation, a good dose of vengeful spirits and other possessions .

Jeff Weddell / The CW

We still regret a little lack of rhythm at the start of the season (before things accelerate in the second half) and an alchemy not always obvious between the young actors of the series. As well as a charisma that is not always there.

Only Kennedy McMann, the star of the series, excellent at a badass, smart, and cynical investigator who makes the Horsehoe Bay police look like amateurs and strongly reminds a certain Veronica Mars, and Leah Lewis, the revelation of the Netflix movie If You Knew. …, who makes sparks in the skin of George, the former sworn enemy of Nancy in high school, really manage to come out of the game. While it is a pleasure to find Scott Wolf, former glory of the 90s , as a serial dad (another point in common with Riverdale who did the same with Skeet Ulrich and the late Luke Perry).

But with her many twists and her suspects in shambles, Nancy Drew still stands out as a pleasant surprise, which certainly does not deserve the little buzz she arouses in the United States. Lovers of mystery drama and well-crafted teenage intrigues should in any case find their account. And the good news is that a season 2, centered on a new …

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