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In her new feature film, Julie Delpy evokes a fusional mother-daughter relationship, not hesitating to tackle sensitive subjects. Focus on this astonishing and moving film.


After her divorce, Isabelle, a geneticist, tries to get her life back in hand. She falls in love and decides to relaunch her career. But her ex-husband, James, finds it difficult to accept her and makes her life difficult in the battle he leads to obtain custody of their daughter Zoe. A tragedy strikes them and the family is shattered. Isabelle then decides to take fate in hand.

My Zoé, directed by Julie Delpy. With Julie Delpy, Richard Armitage, Daniel Brühl, Gemma Arterton, Sophia Ally.


Six years after Lolo, a comedy starring Dany Boon and Vincent Lacoste, Julie Delpy is back behind (and in front of) the camera. This time, the director makes a 180-degree turn with a drama against a backdrop of marital crisis and family drama.

The genesis of the film comes from this fascination with Delpy the idea that we are unique and, in a way, irreplaceable individuals. The filmmaker wanted to question what defines us, the marriage of the innate and the acquired, nature and culture.

“I read a lot about genetics, I observe my son or the children of my friends a lot, and I find that our nature, which constitutes us fundamentally, is extremely powerful. Then there is also the fact that at the moment from writing, I parted ways with my son’s father. It was so difficult and traumatic that I felt like I was cutting my child in half – made me think of the story of the king Salomon, who has always fascinated me “, says Julie Delpy.

The artist felt that his child was reinventing himself and becoming a different person with each of his parents. According to the director, by becoming two, he became other, which made him all the more intelligent, complex and capable of adaptability.

“But it’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through. In a way, this script recreates that situation a bit and pushes it to its limit at the end.”, she specifies.


Beyond the conjugal chronicle, a theme that Julie Delpy has already explored in 2 Days in Paris, My Zoé quickly extricates herself from this aspect to take us to something else entirely. Against all expectations, the director explores an extremely taboo subject that will surprise more than one spectator. In this sense, it is somewhat similar to La Comtesse, directed by Delpy in 2009.

“It is certain that my film will annoy some! The film asks the question of the soul and goes beyond the question of


, for example. I think My Zoé is talking about even more taboo subjects “, indicates the filmmaker. Of course, to keep the surprise and shock of the discovery, we will not disclose what is in question.

It is certain that my film will annoy some!

Julie Delpy also decided not to put on music so as not to manipulate the emotions of the spectators and not to fall into the sentimental or melodramatic film. She wanted viewers who felt emotionally involved in the film to be able to be so fully, and those who feel angry could be as well.

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Sophia Ally and Julie Delpy


To play little Zoe, who lends her name to the film, Julie Delpy has chosen Sophia Ally. According to the director, the young actress is a pearl.

“I found her doing a casting. She’s very brilliant and understood the story right away. She’s very sweet and sensitive, and asked me existential questions like her character does, it was amazing! example: “Why is God in the image of a man?”! “, explains the filmmaker.

Sophia was a good actress, which was of course essential for Julie Delpy, but she was also very flexible, which allowed her to evolve according to the situations. For the film crew, it was lucky. Indeed, in Germany, where part of the film was shot, the rules for working with children are stricter than elsewhere.

“So we had very few hours with her a day and Sophia was able to adapt to this race against time. She was eleven years old at the time of filming, but looked younger and therefore had the maturity to play a child. eight years old. The fact that I play sets a tone, that’s for sure, but it’s …

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