My Hero Academia on DNA: a new credits for the arc which begins this Saturday


A new narrative arc centered on the superhero Endeavor will begin next Saturday in the fifth season of “My Hero Acadamia”, offered here as an exclusive simulcast on DNA!


The fifth season of My Hero Academia will explore a new story arc, starting this Saturday, June 26! The Japanese animated series, taken from the eponymous manga by Kohei Horikoshi (Ki-oon editions), follows the adventures of young teens enrolled in the Yuei superhero academy.

This new arc will be centered in particular on Endeavor, propelled hero number 1 following the early retirement of All Might. Despite his overpowering powers, Shoto’s father – one of the young protagonists of the anime – will discover that a great responsibility falls to him as he now embodies in the eyes of the public the symbol of hope and defense against the forces of evil.

At the same time, the hero of the Deku series will, for his part, continue his apprenticeship in One For All, a power that was bequeathed to him by his mentor All Might. Unable to use all of his Quirk because of his power, the young man must therefore perfect his training, in particular by accompanying professional superheroes in their adventures.

The fifth season of My Hero Academia is offered every Saturday as an exclusive simulcast on the ADN platform! Also remember that a new feature film titled My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission will be released in Japanese cinemas next August.

The new credits of My Hero Academia and exclusive images from the next episode:

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