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Even if Netflix has not yet renewed My First Times for a season 3, the showrunner of the series Lang Fisher is already giving some clues about the future of the series.

Warning this article contains spoilers on the end of season 2.

So quickly arrived, so quickly binged. Since its launch on Netflix, season 2 of My First Times has quickly placed in the top of the most viewed programs on the platform. Fans quickly fell in love with her funny and refreshing heroine played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.

In these new episodes, Dev sees her dreams come true because it’s not one but two boyfriends that she has. Because between Ben the intellectual (Jaren Lewison) and the handsome Paxton (Darren Barnet), she does not know who to choose. When the two boys discover the pot aux roses, the young high school student has no other choice than to try to put the pieces back together. At the end of season 2, she ends up in the arms of Paxton, who is no longer afraid to hide their relationship.

So what can we imagine for Dev in the possible season 3? Although Netflix has yet to announce the renewal of the series, the lead actress and showrunner have revealed in interview what they would like to see next.

For Maitreyi, a huge challenge awaits her character in season 3 – being the girlfriend of a popular high school student: “It’s cool to see her in this situation because it has never happened to her. But it is certain that Ben is still in the game …“.

What series showrunner Lang Fisher confirms: “Will it be as she always imagined or will this relationship be more complicated than expected? It will probably be more complicated than expected. We still have a lot to explore, around sexuality in particular. What to do when you are a geek and you are dating someone who has more experience than you?“.


Team Paxton or Team Ben? Dev chose!

In other words, the relationship between Devi and Paxton will not be a long quiet river, on the contrary. Especially since it will be necessary to count on Ben to spice things up a little.

According to the showrunneuse, the young man has many feelings for our favorite Indian, despite his relationship with Aneesa: “He has that look at the end of the episode, so you feel like there’s something to be learned from it. And most importantly, none of us yet know who Devi will end up with in the end. It will be a long way from now until the end of the series, which will be both funny and full of twists and turns. And maybe she won’t even choose either of them!“.

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