MultiVersus will soon KO Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

MultiVersus will soon KO Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

With nearly 30 million sales, Super Smash Bros. was king of the world. But the arrival of MultiVersus will redistribute the cards because Warner’s title will soon overtake it.

Few people had bet on MultiVersus, aka the Super Smash clone Bros., and yet, he is defying all predictions.

MultiVersus will beat Super Smash Bros. at his own game

Since its pre-launch in open beta on July 26, MultiVersus has experienced tremendous growth. Currently, the game that brings together Batman, Taz, Bugs Bunny or Arya Stark has more than 20 million players.

We had a fantastic first half thanks to the results of LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga. And we are happy to start the second in such a great way with MultiVersus. It represents an important step for us in the field of free to play games and we believe that we can do something significant, with a cross-platform game service designed from the ground up that compiles our intellectual properties. We are delighted to see that 20 million fans are really receptive to it.

David Habbad, Chairman of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, via Venturebeat.

With such a score, he comes dangerously close to his model. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has sold 28.82 million to date. But obviously, this fight at the top is to be put into perspective. First, MultiVersus is a free game while Super Smah Bros. Ultimate is paid. In addition, the number of players is again to be qualified because they are not necessarily unique players. In case of using several accounts on the same console for example, it will be compatibilized as different players.

Remains to exist in the long term

That being said, the success of MultiVersus is very real and indisputable, but the hardest part will be to exist in the long term. For this, new characters will come to enhance the cast. This Tuesday, August 23, it will be Morty’s turn from Rick & Morty to join the ranks. Then later, as part of season 1, it will be Black Adam and the Gremlins villain Stripe.

And then Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has another argument going for it: its popularity in the esports scene, which gives it another exposure.

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