MultiVersus: two villains join the Warner cast Brosheavy to come

When MultiVersus was announced, many dreamed of a 5-star cast like Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And with the next recruits, we are heading towards an ultra solid roster.

Black Adam and Gremlins land in MultiVersus

After LeBron James or Rick and Morty – Morty will be available on August 23 – MultiVersus is beefing up its season 1 with two big characters who should please. The first of them is the DC anti-hero who will soon have his movie with Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam. It will be followed by Stripedthe very naughty but delicious villain of Gremlinswhich makes poor Gizmo drool in the Joe Dante movies.

MultiVersus: two villains join the Warner cast Brosheavy to come

No release date, no trailer but this illustration above.

In the latest update, whose patch notes can be read hereMultiVersus has chosen to make Bugs Bunny, Velma and Finn weaker. Conversely, Arya Stark, LeBron James and Wonder Woman are stronger. Moreover, the Amazon is experiencing a serious problem due to a bug. As soon as it hits an enemy with a bounce on the ground or on a wall, it takes damage. The issue should be resolved soon.

Soon Beetlejuice and Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West)?

According to netizens (via VGC), audio dialog lines are hidden in the latest MultiVersus patch. Extracts that would announce the arrival, surely for season 1, of Beetlejuice and Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz.

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