MultiVersus: two great icons of pop culture to swell the cast

MultiVersus: two great icons of pop culture to swell the cast

The universe of Gremlins in MultiVersus it will be done and the developers of Player First Games as well as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have a double and very nice surprise to offer.

The two stars of Gremlins in MultiVersus

We already knew that the very cruel Stripe, the main villain of the Gremlins franchise, would be added as part of season 1. But he will not be alone since, as we could hope, Gizmo will also be a playable character in the game. He will be the first to enter the arena from Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

On his Twitter account, Tony Huynh, game director of MultiVersus, makes it clear that they are two fighters in their own right and they are not alike. This question was raised by a user who wondered if it was going to be “echo” characters, that is to say with the same abilities and attacks. Stripe being the diabolical counterpart of Gizmo. But Tony Huynh ensures that Nope, this are of them characters completely different ».

Like other heroes, Gizmo and Stripe should be obtained in two ways. Either by farming the gold coins necessary for their purchase, or via real money to acquire Gleamium. The virtual currency of the game.

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