MSI: The powerful Titan GT77 laptop with mechanical keyboard is revealed a little

In addition to the anniversary date of the Normandy landings, June 6, 2022 will also be the opportunity to attend an MSI event with the MSIology which will be the opportunity to learn more about this famous GT77. What we know for the moment has something to dream about.

THE ultimate gaming laptop from MSI

Photo of the front of the MSI PC.

If we only know part of the technical sheet for the moment, there is reason to be doubtful. The PC should not exceed 23 mm thick and carry on board a 12th generation Intel Core “HX” Alder Lake with 16 cores as specified by the always very informed VideoCardz.

The TITAN GT77 should offer 4K, 1440p and 1080p screen options with a refresh rate of up to 360Hz. the tooth at the level of the GPU but we suspect that it should be very powerful.

Mechanics for the keyboard

Photo of the back of the MSI PC.

What we do know, however, is that it will be equipped with a Cherry MX mechanical keyboard with a stroke of 1.8 mm. You should know that on this type of product it is quite rare to find mechanics and that even in the high end. This simple information is enough to realize what MSI wants to do with this type of product.

On the other hand all this will have a price and we should easily exceed 3000 euros. For the precise configuration it will be necessary to wait for the MSI event in question on June 6th.

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