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TF1 will broadcast a special episode of “Most Wanted Criminals” tonight at 10pm, which is the second part of a crossover event with “FBI”, of which the series with Julian McMahon is the spin-off. This is what you need to know to understand everything.

Mark Schafer / CBS

As every Wednesday since July 14, TF1 offers tonight three new episodes of Most Wanted Criminals, its new detective series notably carried by Julian McMahon (Charmed, Nip / Tuck) and Kellan Lutz (Twilight). But the second episode of the evening may well surprise viewers who are not familiar with the world of Dick Wolf, the producer who oversees the adventures of Jess LaCroix and his colleagues, and to whom we owe successes such as Special Victims Unit or Chicago Fire.

Aired at 10pm, the episode “Fatal Drift” is indeed a crossover with the FBI series, also produced by Wolf and broadcast on CBS in the United States. And if these two police dramas intersect during this event episode, it is no coincidence since, as its French title, Most Wanted Criminals, which is called FBI: Most Wanted in VO, does not necessarily indicate, is none other than the spin-off (or derivative series) of FBI.

First introduced in an episode of season 1 of FBI before inheriting their own series, the heroes of Most Wanted Criminals therefore find their colleagues tonight for a crossover event in two parts of which TF1 will unfortunately only broadcast the second part since the first episode is part of season 2 of FBI, whose broadcasting rights for France belong to the channels of the M6 ​​group.

Mark Schafer / CBS

Julian McMahon and Zeeko Zaki in the FBI / Most Wanted Criminals crossover.

To understand everything, know that the first part of the crossover that you won’t see tonight sees Jess LaCroix (Julian McMahon) and his team come to the aid of FBI Special Agent OA Zidan (Zeeko Zaki) in order to stop Tyler Kane. , a fugitive that LaCroix had already arrested a few years ago, and who is suspected of having kidnapped 26 students who were on a bus.

While at the same time Tali, Jess’s daughter, is arrested by the ICE (the customs and border control agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security) who, because of her skin color , suspect her of being an immigrant illegally on American soil.

A double intrigue which continues in “Dérive fatale”, broadcast at 22h on TF1, since once Tyler Kane neutralized, his wife decides to avenge him and to continue his murderous plan by committing an attack in a church. Helped by the camped FBI agents Zeeko Zaki, Ebonée Noel, John Boyd, Alana de la Garza, and Jeremy Sisto, will Jess and his team manage to stop Emma Kane? Answer tonight.

Note that Alana de la Garza also appears in two episodes of season 2 of Most Wanted Criminals, which will soon be offered on TF1, and that the two series will meet again at the start of the school year in the United States on the occasion of ‘a mega crossover with FBI: International, the third series of the FBI franchise which will be launched on September 21 across the Atlantic on CBS.

The teaser of the crossover episode broadcast tonight on TF1:

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