More beautiful life on Wednesday, June 23, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4308 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV


In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While a third corpse is discovered, Camille loses ground. As for Roland’s strategy, it seems effective. On the other hand, concerning the festival project, the difficulties arise.

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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast Wednesday evening on France 3!

A third victim is discovered

While Jean-Paul is ready to demolish a wall, Ariane prefers to wait for Cissé’s presence to act. As soon as the Commissioner is there, Jean-Paul knocks down the wall, behind which is the corpse of a teenager. Ariane and Cissé are reassured to note that it is not about Robin. Later, Revel decides, against Ariane and Cissé’s advice, to call for witnesses to identify the new victim.

Meanwhile, the judge speaks with Emma. She wishes to see Camille one last time before deciding on Alice’s request for guardianship. Back home, Emma must find a solution not to leave Camille alone when she must soon go on a cruise with GTS and Baptiste cannot return to France. Emma joins Celine to beg her to replace her on the cruise. For her part, Camille discovers via the media that the serial killer of the Mistral has made a third victim. In a panic, she helps herself several glasses of wine. Completely drunk, she goes to the judge’s office late, then becomes faint …

Libre Mistral faces financial difficulties

After drafting the statutes of the Libre Mistral association, Blanche was elected secretary, while Sacha was named president and Luna vice-president. Faced with Claire’s refusal to be their treasurer, Luna succeeds in convincing her mother to occupy this position. Blanche and Luna then present their project to Léa in the hope of obtaining subsidies from the town hall. However, the budget dedicated to associations has already been allocated until 2022. If Luna does not dare to announce the news to Sacha for fear of depressing him, Mirta ends up having the idea of ​​opening an online kitty to finance the festival.

Roland gets closer to Kylian

In order to create a bond with Kylian, Roland is interested in his passion for MMA as well as his difficulties in French. The teenager is disappointed with the 7/20 he got on his last assignment. Roland then pleads his case with Blanche, claiming that he needs to be reassured about his son’s future. Thanks to him, Blanche agrees to change her score to 13/20. In addition, Roland gives his old boxing gloves to Kylian, who is delighted. At the same time, Thomas enters his father’s room and surprises them. Once Kylian leaves, Thomas admits to being annoyed that he did not inherit the gloves. Roland apologizes, then expresses the wish that they manage to come to an agreement all together. Thomas promises to make an effort.

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