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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … As the noose tightens around Patrick and Émilie, Francesco and Estelle are fighting around a sofa. As for Nathan and Sabrina, will the plan they come up with save the Forgotten?

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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast Wednesday evening on France 3!

Olivier discovers Emilie’s intentions

Without suspecting that Olivier is watching her from afar, Émilie gets her cell phone back to give her mother and Kevin some news. They agree to a daily telephone meeting fixed at 2 p.m. Very worried, Babeth and Kévin advise Émilie to be careful, ready to go get her if she does not contact them as planned. After hanging up, Émilie continues her investigation by searching Olivier’s room. She comes across a mysterious notebook that she doesn’t have time to study further because Fleur surprises her. Émilie claims to be looking for a book that Olivier told her about and manages to escape unharmed …

For his part, Olivier intentionally evokes the aggression of which Patrick was the victim in order to weaken him. The latter then goes to the police station, where Ariane confirms that Django has been arrested and will be transferred to Les Baumettes the next day. Patrick then infiltrates the interrogation room where his attacker is and points a gun to his temple …

Lea helps Sabrina and Nathan

While Sabrina comes up against the refusal of the Director of community life in the city to go back on the closure of the Forgotten, Nathan has the idea of ​​calling on Léa. Admiring their fight, the latter reveals to them that Barrault actually opposed during the vote of the municipal council. However, she succeeds in convincing Lougane to take an interest in their cause, claiming that the closure of the association has leaked into the press and that her image risks being scratched. The mayor agrees to receive one person and chooses Josie at random. Lea announces the good news to Nathan and Sabrina, confirming that the meeting will take place on Friday afternoon.

In the evening, Nathan finds that Sabrina is still so melancholy. He questions her, assuring that nothing will change his feelings towards her. Sabrina ends up confessing that Stan is in prison because of her because she killed Melmont …

Francesco betrays Estelle

Vincent visits Francesco in his new apartment and immediately offers to buy him his sofa for a good price because it is the kind of furniture Emma and Celine are looking for GTS. Francesco agrees to sell it to him, behind Estelle’s back. When she realizes it, she forces Francesco to confess that he always hated her sofa, which he ends up doing. Terribly upset, Estelle leaves, slamming the door.

For their part, Frémont and Mme Cabri are fixing themselves. Witnesses the transport of the sofa to the Place du Mistral, they gleefully criticize Estelle’s tastes in interior decoration.

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