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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Cissé is up against the wall and Camille overtaken by his demons, Roland, he takes advantage of his imaginary illness. Babeth, on the other hand, is not in the mood.

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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast Tuesday evening on France 3!

Cissé gets closer to Robin

A social worker goes to Emma to investigate Camille’s living environment. He notes several negative points: lack of privacy and family balance. At the end of her tether, Emma counts on Baptiste’s support, but the latter is abroad to help Thérèse who is having problems. Franck tries to reassure her, then takes Camille to his site. While she must repaint a wall, the latter is caught by her demons. In a panic, she loses her temper with Franck …

Meanwhile, Ariane and Eric try to find common ground between Sabine Lambert and Serge Bonnet. At the same time, the foreman near which Serge was found, tells them that he is missing more plasterboard and joints than he thought. The police suspect the murderer of preparing his next move …

For his part, Cissé has decided to take a look at Robin’s file but confesses to Ariane that he does not want to meet him. The Lieutenant tells him about a place Robin is used to frequenting, in case he changes his mind. Indeed, the Superintendent goes there and surprises Robin in full altercation with a man to whom he owes money. Cissé intervenes to rescue him. Intending to reimburse him, Robin takes his number, then leaves …

Babeth is not in the mood

If Léa takes advantage of the advantages of her pregnancy by discovering new pleasures with Jean-Paul, Babeth, for her part, is constantly in a bad mood. While Patrick hopes to please him with some breakfast in bed, everything he’s made makes him nauseous. To make up for it, Patrick buys lunch in a Chinese caterer. However, Babeth shuns all dishes for hygienic reasons.

Roland begs Thomas for forgiveness

Faced with all the gifts that Roland has received, Gabriel is convinced that their secret has leaked among the Mistraliens. They continue to mobilize in order to operate a constant rotation, organized by Mirta, to visit him in Celeste. Annoyed at having to go after everyone else, Thomas finally decides to go ahead. Faced with his son, Roland plays on his imaginary illness. After asking his forgiveness for what he did to him, Roland hugs him. He then asks her to recognize Kylian and Lola as his siblings. Moved, Thomas promises to try.

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