More beautiful life on Monday, August 2, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4336 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV


In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Alexandre surprises Fanny with an unexpected return, Franck gets wet to help Kalya. Mirta and Yolande, for their part, have no shortage of ideas to join the VIP club of the Marquis.

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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast Monday evening on France 3!

Fanny prevents Vidal from killing himself

While Fanny is asleep, Jérémy calls Alexandre, recovering in the cave of the island, in order to taunt him. In his state, Alexandre is totally helpless in the face of his twin. After hanging up, Jérémy wakes Fanny up. She notices that he can be aggressive in the manifestation of his desire, but she lets it go.

Jérémy then tells him that he is a deserter since he left the army of which he was part for an infiltration mission. However, it remains quite mysterious about the rest. Fanny wants to know if she was with her father when they met 20 years earlier, but is interrupted by her mother, who announces that Vidal wants to see her. The latter, come to inquire about her, prefers to leave her in the company of the one they think is Alexander.

While Fanny confides in Laetitia on her father, as well as on the return of Alexander that she finds changed, Vidal considers hanging himself in his office. Fortunately, Fanny arrives just before he puts his head in the knot in the rope …

Mirta and Yolande continue their mission

Mirta and Yolande question Alain to find out how to enter the Marquis’ VIP club. According to him, it is a question of money. Far from being discouraged, Yolande investigates Kylian, who admits that some clients are invited if they manage to stand out from the others. Yolande and Mirta therefore put on their 31 to attract the attention of the guard. Despite their efforts, the latter gives a key to another couple.

Franck struggles for Kalya

As promised, Franck accompanies Kalya to the Prefecture to collect a regularization form. On site, we advise them to do the paperwork online to save time. By helping Kalya complete her file, Franck learns that she is a widow. He then goes to a construction site. On his return, he tells Blanche that he is helping Kalya out of pure solidarity, before realizing that the latter is absent. Indeed, Kalya begs her former owners to take her back. Believing in a trap, Solange hunts her unceremoniously. Franck ends up finding Kalya and manages to convince her to accept his help.

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