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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While the tensions between Cissé and Ariane grow, the mysteries of Camille are not to be outdone. As for Léa, she is stolen the spotlight by Babeth. GTS, for its part, is casting off.

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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast Friday evening on France 3!

Camille recontacts Jacob

Pressed by Revel, Cissé decides to take matters into his own hands to find the trace of Robin, who turns out to be Enzo’s former roommate. Ariane does not understand the attitude of her superior and accuses him of spoiling his relationship with his son. Cissé retorts that he does not want to be accused of having covered it up when their family relationship is revealed. He also feels that his private life is his own business. Obeying orders, Ariane accompanies Eric to arrest Robin, who is taken into custody for intentional homicide, although he claims his innocence …

Meanwhile, rather than face her fear as she promised her sister, Camille writes a note to Jacob to contact him again. His strategy is working. At a side table, she finds her former captor on the terrace of the Mistral bar. The latter promises him that they will never separate again …

Babeth announces her pregnancy to her family

Léa wakes up alongside Jean-Paul after spending the night at his home for the first time. If the latter wants her to move in with him, Léa does not feel the need, especially since she is counting on her pregnancy to help Patrick get better after what he has been through. For her part, Babeth is still in a bad mood. She can no longer bear to hear about her daughter’s future baby and loses her temper with Yolande and Émilie. Patrick joins her outside to reassure her, convinced that her pregnancy is a gift of life. Despite her doubts, Babeth decides to take it on. While Lea is about to share photos of her ultrasound with them, Babeth cuts the rug out from under her by announcing her pregnancy to members of her family.

The GTS cruise sets sail

If Celine begs Vincent to replace her on the GTS cruise, she finally changes her mind when she realizes that Dr. Vidal is among the passengers. She welcomes him warmly, then meets Michael, the skipper of the sailboat. Fanny, meanwhile, is disappointed to find Vidal. Rochat and Laetitia are also in the game. Bilal is the last to arrive, immediately seduced by Fanny. Once everyone is on board, Céline reminds her of the cruise’s ecological objectives and asks all passengers to give her their mobile phones.

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