Monster Hunter: Capcom partners with Tencent for a new game

Monster Hunter: Capcom partners with Tencent for a new game

A new Monster Hunter has just been announced by Capcom, which has teamed up with the Chinese giant Tencent. And if some of the players will be thrilled, others may be disappointed.

Monster Hunter is Capcom’s most lucrative franchise, far ahead of Resident Evil and other Street Fighters, especially since the explosion of Monster Hunter World in 2017. of all time” for the publisher, with more than 18 million units sold worldwide. And while Monster Hunter Rise continues on its way, it’s time for Capcom to think about the future, and this one is happening… on mobile.

Monster Hunter in the pocket

The firm has just announced the start of a brand new game in partnership with Tencent and TiMi Studios. The latter, a veteran in the development of mobile games, is particularly known for having produced several big successes, some of which come from famous licenses, such as Call of Duty Mobile or even Pokémon Unity.

Hunting giant monsters on the phone will therefore soon be within everyone’s reach, to the chagrin of fans who are already waiting for a sequel to Monster Hunter World. For the moment, information about the software is meager. The two industry giants were content to display their joy of working together, ensuring that players will rediscover the sensations of XXL hunting, while enjoying a fully optimized experience on the platform.

The game in development will replicate the hallmark hunting experiences of the Monster Hunter series and provide players with a unique new gaming experience for mobile devices and phones. This first partnership between TiMi and Capcom will combine the experience and strengths of both parties, allowing Monster Hunter to adapt to more platforms with the aim of giving global hunters, experienced or new, the freedom to hunt like they want, anytime and anytime.

And when we see what TiMi Studios has been able to do with Pokémon Unity (a MOBA) and Call of Duty Mobile (an FPS), we can only be reassured on that side. Now remains to see what the software will have in the belly.
Note also that such an announcement absolutely does not put the development of the main series which should certainly receive new games shortly. But for now, it’s Wild Hearts, the Monster Hunter from EA and Koei, which has free rein on consoles and PC.

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