Mom I missed the plane: the reboot trailer brings back a character from the first film


Archie Yates, seen in “Jojo Rabbit” succeeds Macaulay Culkin in the reboot of “Mum, I missed the plane” called “Home Sweet Home Alone”. The film will be available on November 12 on Disney + and the trailer has just been unveiled.

Mom I missed the plane: the reboot is coming

Cult Christmas movie par excellence, Mom I missed the plane was released in French theaters in December 1990. We discovered Macaulay Culkin in the skin of young Kevin McAllister, left to himself during the holidays, after his family forgot. He had to use inventiveness and courage to rout two burglars unscrupulous determined to attack his home.

Mom I missed the plane © Disney

After several more or less successful sequels, including the most recent (Mom, the house is haunted!) was released in 2012, Disney decided to start from scratch. After the Fox license buyout, the studio has immense possibilities to exploit them. Especially for its streaming platform. It is the latter that will host the reboot of the saga called Home Sweet Home Alone.

A first trailer that contains a surprise

In this reboot, it is the young talented actor Archie Yates (notably seen in Jojo rabbit) who succeeds Macaulay Culkin. His name is not Kevin McAllister but Max Mercer. And his family did not leave him to go to Paris, but to Japan. The two burglars are a married couple, who will be greeted as they should by the little boy. We find in the first trailer the key elements of Mom I missed the plane, and even a surprise return.

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