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Written and performed by Riz Ahmed, “Mogul Mowgli” is a project dear to the actor’s heart about a rap singer’s battle with disease. Available on OCS.


Zed, a young rapper, is about to begin his world tour when a crippling illness strikes him. He was then forced to return to the United Kingdom, where he struggled to reconnect with both his British and Pashkistani heritage and his community.

Mogul Mowgli, written by Riz Ahmed and Bassam tariq and made by Bassam tariq.

Available on OCS


Renowned for his talent as an actor, Ahmed Rice At the same time, cultivates a passion for rap. Also known under the pseudonym Riz MC, the artist is already the author of two albums, the last of which, entitled The Last Goodbye, was released in 2020. It is by drawing on his love for music and by drawing inspiration from his experiences on stage that the actor co-wrote Mogul Mowgli, a drama about a man’s struggle to survive. Filmmaker Bassam tariq, director of the short documentary Ghosts of Sugar Land, co-wrote the screenplay and directed the film.

On screen, Riz Ahmed plays Zed, a rap star who is about to begin his first world tour. A decisive event in the career of any artist. A few days before his departure, the singer is struck by terrible news: he has an autoimmune disease that attacks his muscles and organs. Supervised by doctors, he will have to stay with his family in the United Kingdom and reconnect with his Pakistani origins.

Riz Ahmed in “Mogul Mowgli”.

Necessarily close to his character, Riz Ahmed carries the entire film on his shoulders. In Mogul Mowgli, the real subject is in the hero’s quest for identity. His illness, which weakens him considerably, symbolizes the artist’s hatred for what he represents. Thanks to an ingenious staging, the feature film succeeds in transcribing the character’s state of mind while his hallucinations sometimes mingle with reality.

Presented at the Berlinale in 2020, Mogul Mogwli shares some commonalities with one of Riz Ahmed’s last films, Sound of Metal, currently in theaters. In this drama directed by Darius Marder, he plays Ruben, a drummer suffering from deafness. His highly acclaimed performance earned him his first Oscar nomination for best actor.

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