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DashFUN met Lula Cotton-Frappier, Baptiste Masseline and Gaspard Meier-Chaurand, three of the young actors from the Prime Video Mixte series. We spoke with them about Part 2 online on June 21st.

On June 14, Prime Video launched with great fanfare its new French production called Mixte. A dive into a high school in 1963, which entered a new era by welcoming girls alongside male students. The opportunity for her showrunneuse Marie Roussin to address strong topics such as adolescence, self-research, feminism and women’s rights in general.

The first season was divided into two parts of 4 episodes. Subscribers will be able to experience the latest salvo as of June 21. And that’s exactly what we discussed with Lula Cotton-Frapier, Baptiste Masseline and Gaspard Meier-Chaurand, respective performers of Annick, Jean-Pierre and Alain, who came to tread the red carpet of the Monte Carlo Television Festival who is held from June 18 to 22.

And there will be changes in this part 2 of Mixte if we are to believe the actors, starting with Meier-Chaurand: “There will be less lightness. There is a kind of maturity. The shoot was split into two parts, with two teams and two directors. It literally creates two universes. It was wanted to have a different identity. We can expect a different color. “.

Starting with episode 5, which the former Skam actress describes “a bit special and incredible“. No wonder when we know that it is Edouard Salier who is behind the camera for this last part. The man notably collaborated with Netflix on The Revolution and Mortal, two series with a particularly marked and neat visual aesthetic. to know more about the plot, even if one expects a significant evolution of certain characters of which that of Jean-Pierre.

While the series has so far received good reviews from both the press and viewers, Prime Video has not yet considered a possible renewal, although “we can potentially expect a season 2“Baptist slips us.

Anyway, Marie Roussin and her team already have a clear idea of ​​what will happen next. “There is an artistic line that is proposed to take its characters until May 68, with all that brings hyper interesting“explains Alain’s interpreter.”The idea is to show how this generation will revolt against it“completes the one that lends its features to the studious Annick.

While waiting to know if a season 2 is actually planned, Prime Video subscribers have an appointment tomorrow on the school benches to discover the last four episodes of Mixed.

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