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Pierre Deladonchamps leaves the big window to play the “surgé” Bellanger in the Prime Video Mixte series. The actor returns for us on his memories of high school on this occasion.

In September 1963, the Lycée Voltaire became mixed and welcomed girls for the first time in its history: it was the start of a new era. They are 11 in total for a hundred boys: a real revolution. By locating the action in a high school – the place of hormonal boiling par excellence! – Mixte sheds a different light on very current themes. Adults and adolescents will seek each other, sometimes find each other and learn to live together in the daily life of this school at the dawn of May 68.


Released on

June 14, 2021




Pierre Deladonchamps,
Nina Meurisse,
Maud wyler,
Anne Le Ny,
Gerald Laroche

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Mixed, with Pierre Deladonchamps, Nina Meurisse, Maud Wyler, Léonie Souchaud, Anouk Villemin, Lula Cotton-Frapier, Baptiste Masseline, Gaspard Meier-Chaurand

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