Mixed on Prime Video: 3 things to know about the original French series


After 4 first episodes which delighted the public and the critics, Mixte unveils its grand finale as of June 21 on Amazon Prime Video. From the true story that gave birth to the series through its sets and its casting: 3 facts to know.

A personal story at the origin of the series

Since Monday, June 14, Amazon Prime Video has been offering its audience a go back in time, heading to the 1960s, thanks to Mixte, its brand new French original series. After uploading the first four episodes, the platform unveils the rest and end of the show on June 21.

At the creation of the series, we find Marie Roussin, screenwriter to whom we owe Les Bracelets Rouges or the last three seasons of Un village français. If she has therefore already proved that she had the recipe for successful series, the writing director this time drew her inspiration from her own life to create Mixte.

In the 1980s, and while co-education had already been generalized in France for twenty years, Marie Roussin was educated in a boys’ primary school. This personal experience, and the fact of having come across an article evoking the first high school to have become mixed, made her want to deal with this subject through a series.

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France in the 60s as if we were there

Beyond the revolution that mixed education created in France, sexism and other social inequalities that reigned in the country, Mixte offers a look at the style, the settings and the trends of the 60s. And this thanks to a reconstruction remarkable and rich in detail of choice.

Touring in Saint-Jean-d’Angély, in Charente-Maritime, Mixte takes up residence in a former royal abbey partly rehabilitated to become the Voltaire high school with outdoor toilets, playground, refectory, endless corridors and the essential teachers’ room.

An establishment in the colors of the time, in which reverberate a language, music and retro habits. So here we are plunged among students drinking wine in the canteen, evoking the idol of young Johnny, all under a pleated dress, a little waistcoat, crimped hair or a wick, before getting on a Solex parked in front of the high school. We believe it!

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The right mix between famous actors and new talents

Even if it means mixing things up, Mixte has also chosen to combine two generations of actors, between big names in cinema, well-known faces in television and young comedy shoots.

As for confirmed actors, Pierre Deladonchamps wears the glasses of Paul Bellanger, general supervisor of the school and thus gives the reply to Nina Meurisse (Camille Couret), Anne Le Ny (Helene Giraud), Maud Wyler (Jeanne Bellanger), François Rollin (the principal Jacquet) and even Amira Casar (Irene).

As for young talents, Skam aficionados have very surely recognized Lula Cotton-Frapier in the role of Annick Sabiani, while Vassili Schneider (HPI) plays Joseph Descamps, Léonie Souchaud (La Forêt de mon père) is Michèle Magnan, Anouk Villemin (Tomorrow belongs to us) plays Simone Palladino and Alexandre Desrousseaux (Play) plays André Hilbert.

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