Microsoft marks the end of an era

Microsoft marks the end of an era

We are in 2023 AD, the whole Earth is occupied by Windows 10 and 11. All? No ! Because a group populated by irreducible nostalgics resist the invader again and again. And life is not easy for Microsoft developers, entrenched in the premises of Redmond. Note that the manufacturer has just formalized the date of the end of support for its Windows 7 OS, which was launched more than 12 years ago.

The end of a world for Microsoft

Much appreciated by many users, you will have to give yourself a reason to leave this version of Microsoft’s OS, which confirms that Windows 7 will no longer receive security updates starting tomorrow, Tuesday, January 10. If it will still be usable, it also means that it will be a real open door to security problems. Since nothing can protect you from a virus for example. The constructor is explained via a long blog post on the matter. Might as well go directly to Windows 11 since Windows 10 has already announced the end of its support for October 14, 2025, a little over ten years after its launch. Everything is accelerating and unfortunately you have to get used to it.

On your side, you probably know diehards around you who still run Windows 8.1. That said, some out-of-time folks still have a working Windows 98 PC, so anything is actually possible. It’s all about confidence and willpower. For the moment, Windows 11 represents only 15% market share. It is therefore very difficult to settle in homes and we understand why Microsoft wants to force things a little to improve the figures as we could point out to you several months ago.

More generally, know that the American company is seeking to revolutionize its OS and will not hesitate to use artificial intelligence on a massive scale.

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