Microsoft Flight Simulator : extension Top Gun Maverick available for free

The extension Top Gun Maverick is available in Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series and pc. A contest is also organized to win an exclusive Series S as well as a gaming PC.

While Tom Cruise multiplies the tendrils in Top Gun Maverick, currently in theaters, the extension of Microsoft Flight Simulator related to the film is accessible to all. We go around the owner.

Flight Simulator plays it Top Gun maverick

You always dreamed of being a pilot Top Gun ? Microsoft Flight Simulator can now make that wish come true with an extension that “will push you to go beyond your limits and go beyond”. And despite the fact that this DLC is free, the developers at Asobo Studio have not done things by halves.

Once the extension is installed, you will have a livery Top Gun: Maverick for the F/A-18E Super Hornet, five high-speed low-altitude challenges or three training missions. These will allow you to chain free takeoffs, reversals and low altitude flights at high speed so that they have no more secrets for you. In addition, it will be possible to reproduce a scene from the franchise by landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Finally, a hypersonic aircraft “never revealed so far” makes its entrance (the SR-72 from the film). Thanks to its equipment, the machine can reach Mach 10 and more than 45,000 meters in altitude. A perilous mission will also let you reach the stratosphere.

flight simulator Top Gun maverick

An exclusive contest is launched!

Apart from framed content, this extension Microsoft Flight Simulator X Top Gun: Maverick offers the opportunity to let your imagination and creativity play. You can indeed “create your own mission”. When it’s in the box, you will have to share the sequence on social networks with the hashtag #TopGunMFSSweepstakes. The earnings? A Xbox Series S Top Gun: Maverick and a gaming PC.

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