Metroid way XCOM? A strange tactical game resurfaces

Metroid way XCOM? A strange tactical game resurfaces

It’s via a new video from the YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming? that we can hear the news. Indeed, according to them, a former leading member of the team of Metroid Prime (Retro Studios) by the name of Paul Tozour, had planned a Metroid Tactics. He would even have worked on it at the end of 2007, after the end of the development of Metroid Prime 3the whole thing was to be released on Nintendo Wii.

XCOM-style Metroid

The game would have been a prequel to the series and, according to the presentation document, would have taken place “long before any other games in the series Metroid“. The script would have covered the moment when Samus Aran first separates from the Chozo who raised her since childhood, during her encounter with humanity, when she becomes a bounty hunter.

Paul Tozour says on this subject:

It was basically XCOM… it was XCOM in the Metroid universe

Metroid Tactics puts the player in control of the legendary Samus Aran, a squad of elite Galactic Federation soldiers, and various other bounty hunters as they work together to defeat the Space Pirates.

Along the way, the player can hire new units and upgrade all units on their team with many types of new armor, weapons, skills and abilities – with Samus and the various bounty hunters having a large number of unique abilities that prove invaluable in combat.

Alas, this strange game never saw the light of day because according to the developer, to succeed, the pitch would have had to obtain the support of studio head Michael Kelbaugh and Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe. In short, it’s a shame for fans of the saga.

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