Metro Exodus: one of the developers killed in action in Ukraine

Metro Exodus: one of the developers killed in action in Ukraine

A Remedy Entertainment developer has announced that a colleague of his who previously worked on Metro Exodus has been killed in the fighting in Ukraine. Here is the message in question:

In his post, he explains 4A Games developer going by the name of Andrii “Nizrok” Korzinkin was killed while on a combat mission in Ukraine while fighting for the country’s independence. Obviously, Korzinkin worked as an animator at 4A Games and was responsible for most of the animations for the FPS Metro Exodus.

In his tribute message, Stepanov explains how Korzinkin was heavily influenced by the work of the creator of God of War Cory Barlog. He also praises his character and his desire to constantly want to improve to become a better developer with new skills. He also underlines his sense of humor and his general good mood.

Korzinkin was not the only game developer to take up arms to defend Ukraine, but this sad news will undoubtedly mark the video game industry. We also remember the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World which is developing Stalker 2 and which is currently relocated to RCzech Republic for the safety of its employees. The studio had also given news via a long explanatory video on the context of the country.

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