Metal Gear: Hideo Kojima harassed by fans for a new game

Metal Gear: Hideo Kojima harassed by fans for a new game

Hideo Kojima bid farewell to the franchise that made him famous with the release of MGS 5: The Phantom Pain. And despite his ousting from Konami, some players don’t understand and send him daily requests for a new Metal Gear, but not only…

Hideo Kojima won’t make Metal Gear games again

In addition to tons of offers to buy his studio, Hideo Kojima continuously receives messages to develop new MGS, PT, Botkai or Zone of the Enders games. Franchises which are all associated with Konami, while he has not been with the Japanese publisher for years.

So he responded to these requests during his latest issue of the Brain Structure podcast:

Everyday I get messages from all over the world telling me “Make a new Metal Gear, PT, Botkai or Zone of the Enders”. I take it positively, but as an adult, everyone should know that’s not going to happen, right? But they still keep sending me requests like this. I guess there’s nothing we can do about it. These days, their words come directly to me.

When he again justified his desire to be independent, Hideo Kojima also recalled that it was in order to have total creative freedom, to do what he wanted. Which does not correspond with the idea of ​​returning to old licenses, including one for which he devoted almost thirty years of his life. On the other side, at the anniversary of an MGS game, he does not hesitate to reminisce about the good old days!

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