Meta Quest Pro: a crazy leak reveals an amazing VR headset

Meta Quest Pro: a crazy leak reveals an amazing VR headset

It’s not just Apple products that end up in a bar or other public places. The Meta Quest Pro has wandered into the wild without its owner and is out of pot, someone has intercepted it so you can see what it really looks like.

The leaked Meta Quest Pro in pictures

Facebook will host a Meta Connect event on October 11 to showcase its Meta Quest Pro. Its new VR headset aimed more at professionals which should be released a few days later. Except that here, when leaving his hotel, an employee of the company has obviously forgotten at least one prototype. And the story obviously does not end there.

A certain Ramiro Cardenas, an employee of the hotel where the Facebook employee was staying, found the prototype(s) and thought it would be fashionable to share it on the Web. Both images, available in our gallery, show a box labeled Meta Quest Pro for a 256GB model. On the back, there is a mention that refers to a helmet reserved for private use.

A changing design

Even if the quality of the video is to be reviewed, there are enough elements. First, the rather amazing design. Unlike the Meta Quest 2, or other virtual reality headset, the look is more reminiscent of a big pair of glasses. This is certainly due to the fact that it is a mixed reality (virtual/augmented) headset. Will the isolation, so as not to see the real environment, be sufficient? The form factor corresponds in any case to what was previously teased by Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook camouflaged the front cameras with fake eyes. A choice that is already mocking Meta Quest Pro. As for the joysticks, they are devoid of tracking rings.

Being a high-end mixed reality headset, which isn’t aimed directly at gamers like the Oculus Quest 2, the price will suffer. It should be over $800.

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