MCUs: Doctor Strange 2 should have been much more gore, the proof in video

MCUs: Doctor Strange 2 should have been much more gore, the proof in video

A new cut scene from Doctor Strange 2 proves that the film could have been very gore. Wanda lashes out at Kamar-Taja soldiers on video.

Released in theaters in May 2022, Doctor Strange 2 was a real hit at the box office. However, some parents were indignant that the film was not suitable for young audiences, despite the fact that it is not recommended for children under 10 years old. However Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness could have gone even further, the proof with a new scene which was cut.

A very gory cut scene for Doctor Strange 2

Like many other movies, Doctor Strange 2 had to make concessions. In order to keep his -10 classification, and especially his PG-13 across the Atlantic, Sam Raimi and his teams were forced to review some of their plans. Originally, the sequel to the adventures of Steven Strange could have been more gory than what we have seen. A new cut action scene indeed shows us a completely different version of Wanda’s fight against the Kamar-Taja soldiers and it’s anything but family friendly.

This sequence produced by the stuntmen was accompanied by some special effects to give body to the whole, not forgetting the camera angles specific to Sam Raimi. We see a more frontal Wanda, who goes into the fray to decapitate and kill soldiers shamelessly, forcing them to kill each other before smashing their heads and dismembering them. It’s sure it’s not very PG-13 anymore, but the staging and the combat are very classy.

Erik Winquist, special effects supervisor, had already revealed in the past that he would also have liked to make the Doctor Strange Zombie more gore and even include a scene where he throws his dismembered arm at Scarlet Witch to strangle her. Again, this didn’t make it into the final cut, as Disney wants MCU films to remain family-friendly.

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